Oct 27, 2009

First steps

I've long been a fan of Danny Gregory, and was aware that he started a sort of 'support group' (though it would be better to think of it as an 'inspiration group'!) of art enthusiasts called 'Everyday Matters'. I wasn't quite sure what to start drawing, until I found their list of 'Challenges' - things to draw when you can't think of anything else! It's an excellent list!

Here is the first drawing - '13 - Draw your telephone'

That got the ball rolling, so this morning I drew this candlestick.

Here's a quote from Danny that has always stuck with me:

We don't live in a box. We live on a ball, always revolving, always changing, moving ahead, never in the same place for more than a moment. That's the nature of the universe. That's the true nature of man. And that, my label hungry friends, is what Art is all about. --Danny Gregory

Oct 20, 2009

A promise

I used to be able to draw. In 2005 I went to art school and learnt, doing 9 hours of drawing a week, along with photography, painting, printmaking, sculpture and theory classes. I loved the meditativeness of completely losing myself in an image, looking up and it being an hour later than when I started!

But it stopped. And without practice, the ability to draw becomes much harder. And if drawings don't come out the way you wanted them to, the motivation goes.

However, recently I have been feeling the desire to start drawing again, and the desire has been aided by the creative people around me. My brother draws, frequently. My mum has started teaching herself to paint watercolours. And my boyfriend has just enrolled in a drawing class. Surrounded by all of these amazing people, and no creative output of my own!

So I guess this blog is to be a little promise to myself, that every week I will find the time to draw, and then post it here. So that I can see some sort of progress over time, I hope.

To start here are a couple of drawings I did in 2005.