Oct 27, 2009

First steps

I've long been a fan of Danny Gregory, and was aware that he started a sort of 'support group' (though it would be better to think of it as an 'inspiration group'!) of art enthusiasts called 'Everyday Matters'. I wasn't quite sure what to start drawing, until I found their list of 'Challenges' - things to draw when you can't think of anything else! It's an excellent list!

Here is the first drawing - '13 - Draw your telephone'

That got the ball rolling, so this morning I drew this candlestick.

Here's a quote from Danny that has always stuck with me:

We don't live in a box. We live on a ball, always revolving, always changing, moving ahead, never in the same place for more than a moment. That's the nature of the universe. That's the true nature of man. And that, my label hungry friends, is what Art is all about. --Danny Gregory


  1. Your art is an inspiration. Doing it! is such a great lesson to me.

  2. You definitely can draw. Please keep on doing it. You have a talent and not to do it will deprive us all.

  3. I agree - please keep drawing. It's a healthy habit, and seeing your work nourishes us all!

  4. Yes, draw and share. And don't forget to visit and comment! Your sketches are very well done.

  5. I love that quote too. Welcome to EDM! Your drawings are wonderful and I look forward to seeing many more :-)

  6. You have wonderful drawings! Welcome to EDM!