Nov 2, 2009

EDM #205 - Draw a soda can.

It's getting really hot here in Canberra. Thankfully, the Boy keeps refreshing mini-cans (200mls - the perfect size, not too much, not too little!) of icy-cold Coke in his fridge for such occasions. And here are a few sketches.

The first one is more of an example of how I didn't look at perspective, hence a very wonky coaster under the can! I was really disappointed, as I was enjoying myself until then!

In the second, I was too scared (!!!) to draw the logo in case I stuffed it up! Also wish I could do better reflections. By the time I drew the second one, the coaster had been replaced by a placemat.

These are both done with my favourite medium, dry sanguine pencil.


  1. Pastel pencil is another interesting medium I'd love to try someday. That's probably the reason why I am building confidence by using basic graphite I guess.
    But the drawings are great! :) I really like them, and I thought that with or without logo they still look good ^^

  2. I learning too. Your art is great. You did a good job on this one. Check out your local library for books that can teach about reflections.

  3. Try not to think of the object as you draw, i.e., don't think "coaster" or "logo" - think instead, shape, line, form, etc. For example, "what shape is that under that round cylindrical object (read: can)?" The idea is to just "see" instead of letting your mind define the objects as "can", "logo", or "coaster". I know you can draw based therefore you know how to "see". Maybe today was just an off day - so don't be too hard on yourself. Remember, this is supposed to be fun!

  4. I think the can looks pretty good. I love looking at sketches done with the sanguine pencil, I should give it a try someday. Thanks to Trish and Ramona, good advice!

  5. It´s nice your work. I am not an authority in shadows and have always doing it so naif! If you find a tutorial, please, let me know!

  6. My new motto is "don't be scared!" I see EDM as a great place to learn.