Nov 6, 2009

A heart of gold

I'm not a figurine-collecting kind of girl, but this is on my dresser, as a daily reminder of my 'second mum', my boss from my first, beloved job in a bookstore. She gave it to me one Christmas, and I love it.

It's made to look like it's carved from timber (hence the angular lines at the base of the figure), and doesn't have a face, but I think its expression is lovely. :)

Drawn with Faber-Castell B graphite pencil.


  1. Agree! It's pretty, and looks cute at the same time. The artist must have had done his/her work with a lot of love too.
    Nice drawing!

  2. good idea to refresh your skills, drawings very nice. Don't be timid try a 6 or 8B pencil, you will get dark darks.
    Continued success!

  3. In your contour, shading and mood, you captured her core. lovely.

  4. Graceful little thing and you caught that perfectly!

  5. Yes, she is graceful and her lines flow. You did a great job on her.

  6. Beautiful, expressive drawing! A lovely piece. I like it.